I'm a DeFi Innovator and Business Strategist
Malek Almsaddi

Pioneering the DeFi landscape, I am Malek Almsaddi, blending 16+ years in business and tech with a passion for blockchain innovation. As Founder of INVTRON DAO, I’m redefining financial accessibility. My journey spans from tech startups to nano-tech, each step fueling my drive for a decentralized, inclusive financial future.

About Me

Bridging Technology and Innovation

Developing With a Passion While Exploring The World.

With a deep-rooted passion for technology and innovation, I am Malek Almsaddi, a dedicated leader in the DeFi and blockchain space. My journey over the last 16 years has been a blend of entrepreneurial spirit and a keen eye for transformative tech. 

As the founder of INVTRON DAO, I’ve been pivotal in leveraging blockchain to democratize financial access, making significant strides in the world of decentralized finance.

My experience isn’t just confined to tech; it spans across various sectors, including interior design and nanotechnology, embodying a versatile and dynamic approach to business.

A Gateway to Understanding the Decentralized Finance and it's Applications Utilizing Web3 and Blockchain Technology

What Services I'm Providing

Blockchain Consultancy

Expert blockchain guidance blending tech know-how with strategy. I help businesses integrate blockchain for innovation and efficiency.

Digital Marketing

Unique digital marketing strategies rooted in a tech-savvy approach. Enhancing online presence and leveraging latest digital tools for impactful reach.

Web Development

Drawing on 16+ years in diverse sectors for holistic business consultancy. Focusing on innovation, growth, and market leadership.

Work Experience


Leading a revolutionary blockchain-based DeFi organization, focusing on democratizing financial services and empowering startups and SMEs through innovative funding solutions.

CEO Kulassa

At the helm of an innovative digital marketing firm specializing in Generative AI for content marketing. Driving the strategic use of AI technology to revolutionize content creation and digital marketing strategies.

Partner, Wowzer Trading & Contracting

Managed and oversaw operations in interior design and contracting, focusing on business development, client relations, and strategic project management.

Managing Partner, Sana Dar Marble

Led strategic growth and market expansion initiatives in the marble industry, focusing on operational excellence and innovation.

Seasonal Angel Investor

Investing in tech startups and interior design ventures with a vision to support and nurture groundbreaking ideas and technologies.

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