Protocol Village: Coinbase Launches Passkey-Based 'Smart Wallet,' Alchemy Unveils 'Rollups,' Fleek Releases Testnet

June 6: Fleek, a blockchain-based cloud infrastructure platform, is launching its testnet. With the launch and a new partnership with Polygon, the project “is gearing up to enable these platforms—and projects building on Polygon—to move beyond cloud tech and decentralize their backend to engender a more performative, cost-effective, and decentralized approach to onchain hosting,” the project told CoinDesk. “Fleek works with 50,000 apps on their front end, allowing the likes of ENS, Dappradar, Synthetix, and even Vitalik Buterin’s website, Vitalik.eth, to host their sites via web3 infra,” it added.